I've been playing guitar for three years, pretty much non stop. But I feel like something is wrong. I keep practicing like I always have been but I'm not getting faster, I'm not getting tighter, I'm not improving. I practice finger excersizes, sweep patterns, legato, alternate picking, everything basically, it just isn't improving. Is it normal that progress is going at this rate at the point I am on guitar?

Or are there some really good finger excersizes out there that I'm missing, or a song that would dramatically help my playing ability by learning it?
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You just hit a wall. Keep it up and try to switch up your routine. Try to learn some songs that seem just out of your reach. You'll get through it.
Yea, i just try to learn songs that i think i can't, that makes me better. For example, my parents wouldnt let me get an electric for my first guitar cuz they say you should start on acoustic (which may or may not be true) even though i love playing Metal and Hard Rock. It's a lot harder playing these songs on acoustic, but when i pick up an electric, it's so much easier, and makes me better.
Im the same as Luigiman, mabey practise on an acoustic for a month or 2, then go back to electric. if that doesnt work, try the steve vai workout?

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