Alright, can someone please explain tp me the attraction to Agile guitars? For the money they seem decent, but EMG HZ's are awful pickups in my experience, especially in contrast to active EMG's, and there's a certain point where a guitar gets so cheap, with parts and work costs it's impossible for it to be as good as it's said to be, and IMO Rondo's stock crosses that for the most part. Why are they in such high regard around here?

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I think many people regard the higher priced Agile's, such as the 3000's in high regard since they're made of qaulity wood and for the most part have very good hardware for less than half the price of most gibson's/ fender's.
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because we don't put the models witrh Hz's in high regard, just all the Agile Les Pauls and such. And the reason why is that they are affordable and have a good build quality and sound. Plus they have ebony fretboards
there great for modding out to im mean you drop less than $500 and you still got money left to buy pickups, resomax bridge, gibson vintage tuners , nothing wrong with the grovers i just like that look more
Most of the hype are about the higher range of Agile guitars. I have the AL-3100 and I ain't never gonna replace it.

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