Well the other day i got an Epiphone VJ head and cab for my birthday, and i've been wondering, since theres no standby switch when i'm not using it for say 10mins, should i keep the head on or turn it off?
When i turn it on i wait about 1 min for the tubes to warm up, is this needed?
for ten minutes I would keep it on usually people turn for breaks >15-20 minutes.
and a lot of people do think it's a good idea to let it warm up, so you might as well better be safe.
BTW sorry for the double post but my mouse is broken so it's real tough to navigate the intraweb, but, I wanted to say that I think it's nifty that you have built a couple guitars and an effect.
Did you design the pedal yourself or did you find a schematic? How does it sound?
Did you build the neck of your guitar too? PM me if you don't want to pollute your thread.
If it's only 10 minutes, I wouldn't worry about it.

If there's no standby switch, you can start playing as soon as you hear something coming out of the speaker. I'm kind of surprised there's no standby switch. Then again, maybe that's just Epiphone's way of cutting corners and saving money.
I built the pedal with my dad. We had a schematic but changed it around. It sounds nice!
For the guitars i didn't really built them, i just got all parts and made them all fit and then customize them, so no i didn't build the neck, but im in the process of building a mini Sg out of pine for like a "practice" build and then I wanna built a few other guitars and amps and pedals. in a few years all my gear will be made my me