I Just Got A Mesa/Boogie Dual Rec Roadster And Channel 3 And 4 Alone Isn't Givin Me A Metal Enough Sound... Any Suggestions On Gear?
well, considering you're not providing us with any other gear, I'd probably recommend you buy a guitar and plug that in as well.

one that has pickups and electronics in it. If your using an acoustic your not gunna get much metal

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Aye, if you can't get a metal tone out of that Mesa it's probably one a few things, or maybe even a combo of them: bad technique, blown tubes, not knowing how to dial in a decent metal tone, horrid cabinet, weak pickups, thin strings, and probably in that order too, more or less. Not meaning to offend here, just saying....you should DEFINITELY be able to get a metal sound out of that amp if all those things are in order. If you're talking about refining it, or tightening up the sound, try a booster pedal or a OD pedal like the Maxxon 808 in front with no gain and full volume.

To everyone else, is it surprising that threads like this show up here instead of in the GG&A forum?? I see threads like this, and ones about "which pickups should I get" and wonder why they survive here....don't they belong in the GG&A forum?