has anyone ever gotten one of those epic viruses that take over your computer with a giant skull and kill your hard drive
or has anyone ever been rick roll'd that bad

*UPDATE* for anyone who remembers that i got a virus last week i got rid of the VIRUS but i still couldn't figure out how to fix my internet (it didn't go anywhere except here) so i went to a website that supposed to help fix your computer but they didn't help so i had to fix it myself
it works now, no thanks to that stupid help site
oh well, i got my interwebz back!

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I had one once that turned everything blue then crashed, and one that didn't crash the comp but put links to best zoo porn and other various disturbing porn sites on my desktop.
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My friend was telling me about this virus that blasts a Hannah Montana song at full volume and locks up your computer. I have yet to discover if it is real or not.
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I can't believe how many idiots actually fell for that. I was in early grade school when that happened and I knew better.
i had one that if i clicke don something. like say i double click internet explorer it would open exactly 6,666,666,666 then the comp would freeze.... twas epic :/ wtf
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