Judging by the posts you've made so far,

Dude the lead singer of Crucift uses a Hondo Duce. I'm getting one soon.

Oh My ****ing God Crucify ****ing Rokkkks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not going to even bother checking them out, because of your rabid and irritating fanboyism.


Next time be more subtle. I'm 95% convinced that you and your mate, zachattack1222, are affiliated with the band.

WEBBDIT: A little more investigation tells me that whole thread consisted of posts which were all made by multis of you.



You just don't learn, do you.

You will be IP banned because of your concrete-headed obstinacy and lack of subtlety. You won't be plugging your band here any more. Give up.
. My and 2 of my friends came to this site and we love Crucify.And one of my friends got banned for making 2 accounts.