Looking to buy one, which would you say is better, pass by my college time during break. thanks!
psp is the way to go
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They are both the shiz but PSP has better features such as music and internet
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DS, mainly for Animal Crossing.

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DS.....wayyyyyyyyyyyy better games. Infact they are so good, you maye lose interest in college LOL
ds hands down, the psp just sold cuz of its stupid gimmicks ie:internet, music, movies.
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Looking to buy one, which would you say is better, pass by my college time during break. thanks!

or you could just carry around your guitar
that way instead of being the guy whos allways playin video games your the guy who lures in college chicks with crappy love songs that are really easy to play
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PSP for sure. The games are a lot better and it has so much more functionality like music, movies, pictures, and internet (*cough*porn). When you get your PSP be sure to buy God of War.
Gonna be a lot of debate here. I personally go with the DS myself. PSP looks way nicer graphics-wise hands down, but as far a gaming goes the DS is miles ahead of the PSP in terms of being fun.
i have both and like both

either way you should
1 buy a DS and get a R4
2 buy PSP and put a custom firmware on it

3 download any game or app you like

of the two i prefer the psp tho, i use it with my ps3 and i play ps1/SNES/NES games on it