So, I've been considering building a custom guitar (neck through and carving the body myself), and I'm in the phase of design where I'm looking at electronics and wiring schemes, I've seen several Ibanez guitars that I like the wiring on, and am considering emulating. My only problem is that as of now, I have limited experience with coil taps, parallel wiring, and phase shifting. I have diagrams written somewhere of how to set them up, but not in conjunction.

I'm going to attempt to visualize a setup I'm working on, and would like if someone could help me figure out how to set up a wiring system for it.

One volume (Push-Pull)
One tone (Push-Pull)

These Diagrams are given form a top view (like you'd look at it if playing) and are hopefully easy enough to read, if not I can scan the page I had written showing these, which may make it easier.
v-off t-off

1 xx - --
2 -x x --
3 -- x --
4 -- x x-
5 -- - xx

v-on t-off

1 x- - --
2 x- x --
3 x- - -x
4 -- x -x
5 -- - -x

v-off t-on

1 xx - --
2 xx x --
3 xx x xx
4 -- x xx
5 -- - xx

v-on t-on

1 -x - --
2 -x x --
3 -x - x-
4 -- x x-
5 -- - x-

Does anyone know if this is a possible wiring scheme, and if it is, can you help me figure out how to wire this monstrosity?
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when you say push pull, what do you actually want to do with them? Is each one to coil split the humbuckers?
Quote by guitarcam123
when you say push pull, what do you actually want to do with them? Is each one to coil split the humbuckers?

no, more as controllers, not direct splits.

The wiring scheme is strange, but I tried to show what I want to do with it.

If I can't use this setup (since I think it would require more on board electronics to do than I had thought at first), then I can refine the ideas to make more sense.
not really, I mean it in the literal sense of the term.

There's no direct co-relation to the pickups, just the combinations are set up to give a different eventual sound.

The diagrams are supposed to be how it would work in each position on a strat-style switch, with the neck H on the left and the Bridge H on the right, I can't figure out how to explain the idea any more since I'm just getting into electronics really.
Okay, so I reviewed the wiring diagrams, and decided that (for several reasons) that setting a coil tap with crazy wiring like that is somewhat retarded.

I think that if I get this thing built, I'll use an on/off panel, each pickup wired to a switch, with one position being on, and the other being a short.
well, yeah, I've wired up a killswitch, so it's basically like setting all the pickups to on, but installing standbys for each coil (which is what a killswitch really does, it's a short/standby, not an open circuit).