In light of the Christmas coming up, I figured a lot of people would probably be buying new equipment. You've probably already noticed that these brands are always pushed upon you at guitar center:

Laguna guitars
Raven amps
Ocean bass guitars
Sound percussion drums
Club drums
Agazarian cymbals
Livewire cables
Horizon cables
Proline stands and accessories

That's because every one of those brands is owned by Guitar Center. The reason this is important is because of the warranty. If you're buying a product from any of those brands, don't get the guitar center warranty. That'd be redundant, since they are already the ones covering it via the company's warranty.

Just thought I'd try to save everybody a few bucks.
Good call I guess. A lot of new guitarists/first time buyers might not know about the warrenty thing.
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Most of those brands are junk. Live Wire cables I have had nothing but problems with. Raven amps sound like ****. The only brand that is good is proline.
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guitar center never tried to push anything on me
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dude livewire cables rip. i've beat my 20' to hell and it just comes back for more. going on like 3 years now.
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Guitar Center pushed the Gibson Robot on me even though I bought a $21 hundred Gibson LP Classic (but I got it for $15 hundred ) and I was there to buy a Marshall half stack... the converstion went like this:

Me: "Hey man, I'm testin' out this Half stack over here, can you hand me that guitar?" (My LP)

Him: "dude, try this robot you'll love it, you just have to buy it."

Me: "I have a great guitar, and I'm here to buy an amp"

Him: "trade it in then man"

Me: "Fine lemme test it" (test it) "this sucks"

Then he called me a faggot and walked away lol
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