Ok i need to know how a Marshall JCM900 head will sound compared to a Peavey valveking or a peavey classic 30. The reason for me asking is that i've found a real nice price on a JCM900 with a peavey cabinet along with it. Would it also work nicely with pedals??????
I forgot to mention that i'm not planning to use the peaveys' with the cabinet... I just want to know how the Marshall would sound compared to the other two, because i play some new modern rock and some classic and southern rock. I'm looking at getting one for Christmas.
The valveking has kind of got an american sound going, though I think it leans more towards being a generic rock sound than anything. I've heard C30s being described as both voxy and marshally, what's clear is they have a british kind of sound going. The JCM900 is gonna sound like a marshall, no kidding huh?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I just didn't know since the JCM900 is made for higher gain if it would work well with cleans and with some lead on overdrive...