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I understand that just about every guitarist has there own unique playing styles. Whether you play more of a blues style, or a melodic death metal style, i made this thread to see the differences in guitar playing style. When I play, i have more of a trivium style to my playing (im just not as good as heafy and bealieu). bout you guys?
I think a lot like Oli and Mike from All That Remains, 'Cept ill never make a song in standard tuning.

Yes, poop.
david gilmour, page, or SRV.... but def nowhere near the skill level
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Mostly Tom Morello. Some heavy Jack White and Buckethead influences, too.
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Johnny greenwood.

although i will never be as good
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jimmy page style, although i think my attack is a bit more aggressive than his.
Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, and I i've been told I have a nice legato like Satriani. Im no where near as good. But apparently you can tell in my writings.
Depends what I play :P, but mostly Becker/Friedman/Gilbert/Malmsteen :P
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Mmmh, I guess I play somewhat like Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth, Willie Adler from Lamb of God, a little bit of Malmsteen and Satch; and the rest of my influences just kinda show in little nuances I do in my playing.
Slash...I actually started out doing a lot of stuff he did...from watching vids and learning to play, and it I am getting my own style and stuff, so I'm getting out of the noob thing...
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Well, I mostly play rythm guitar, so I play like EVERYONE XD

But when I do start jammin some random stuff, I guess I sound a bit like Jack White. And I wrote out some chords for a song that are in a key I cant even begin to figure out, with a chord progression I've never heard, so I guess I write like no one. Ooh the irony
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I guess for me it would be John Frusciante. I love those screaming bends and the more pop-melodic approach on the new albums. But the funk from old is still pretty good. I learned a lot of RHCP songs when I started off, so I guess I've picked up some. I think I've also picked up some morello technique...
Chuck Schuldiner but nowhere near his father of death metal status.
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I try to play like Zakk Wylde but it doesn't always work out so well. :p
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Somewhere between Frusciante and Hendrix
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i play a lot like Paul Gilbert

it's a great thing to play like Paul Gilbert
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Probably Hetfield. I can solo, but don't that much. I focus on complexity and speed, while retaining tight rhythm.

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I kind of feel like a Jack White but not as stiff-legged, I noticed he doesn't bend his legs alot.
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mustaine because thats all i play other than a few other songs and my own ****. not to mention he's been my guitar idol for 7 years now.
prolly a mix of like wylde, glen drover, jeff young, friedmanish imo
no where near the amount of talent these guys have though
Jesper Stromblad from in flames. he uses really different chords to get much more depth to his sound that typical powerchords.
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Frusciante, Slash and Synyster Gates would probably be mine, with some elements of EVH thrown in there.
hmmm maybe ****ty versions of angus young and ritchie blackmore. ive been told i sound like jack white too. i seem to think my leads sound like the simple earlier rolling stones leads like on time is on my side, and its all over now...idk if its keith or brian.
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Well my rhythm playing is very similar to Pete Townshend and Malcolm YOung and my lead playing of Angus Young and Eric Clapton.
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Kevin Shields and J Mascis. Lots of fuzz, wierd techniques, relatively simple riffs, three chord choruses and lengthy solos which I forget the minute I play them. Did I mention a LOT of fuzz?
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Adam Jones from Tool for a lot of the progressive and cleaner stuff I do. Nergal from Behemoth for the metal.
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Rhythm wise, very thrashy, I'll say Dave Mustaine. Lead playing wise, Michael Amott.

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I play with influences from SRV to Vai to Robbie Flynn to Whitechapel, so my style kind of sounds like Satriani from hell with some chromaticism thrown in for the hell of it.

But what i play alone is alot different to what i play in my band. Mostly i play classic rock and shred by myself, but groove metal and deathcore in my band.

Its nice to be able to switch between the two.
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