So i hav been playin guitar 4 about a year so i'm new. I play i guess metal"core" and metal on an ibanez vbt700 with Dimarzzio pu's. my amp right now is a pathetic squire 15.....i know. i need an amp that givs a good metal sound 4 stuff like As I Lay Dying, Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, etc. It has 2 b....somewhat loud, wanna start workin on a band, and needs 2 b cheap! I was lookin at a Crate flexwave 212 (60watt i think), and i thought that was expensive! now i realize $380 is cheap so i guess somethin around that price if that amp is not a good choice. Also i use a digitech rp90 effects pedal if that helps. Any suggestions much appreciated
You could probably pull that stuff off with a Valveking for $419. I'm not thrilled with the Flexwave at all. Vypyr might work for you too and I would think you'd need the 75 if your starting a band.

Check your local craigslist.com too as you can often get more amp for your money that way.
what's your budget?
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If you can't stretch at all, look at a Roland Cube. If not, you're either gonna have to save some more, go used, or maybe get a Crate V50 with a Metal Muff.
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^NO (in regards to the Blackheart), that will NOT pull of that sound great at all...the closest it would get is mediocre, and only cuz the blackheart has a great stock tone, but not made for that kind of metal.

here's what you need to do, save up $120 more and look for used Peavey 5150s and get one of THEM. that is the standard for that kind of metal sound, and trust me, you won't have to find a new amp for a loooonnnggg time even if then. more gain and balls than you'll ever need, fully valve, made for that kind of sound. do it. . . now....
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I play your type of stuff, I have clips of my Valveking on my profile. Mind you mine has an Eminence Man o War speaker. I can get a great KSE, All That Remains, AILD tone.

I would say a Vypyr, modded VK, B-52 would work. But a used 5150 blows those amps away.

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