Going to get my son (15) a new guitar for christmas and an amp. He wants a Schecter Damien 6. I was also going to get him a Peavey Vypyr 30. He likes newer metal (A Day to Remember etc.). Would these two make a good match for him and his band for mostly practice?
how long has he been playing?
yes those are good choices

damn, ive been playing for about 7 years and he is getting better rig than i am
Both are good choices.

Just make sure he's tried the guitar before and likes the feel. You can see specs and decide if it sounds good online, but you never know if it'll work for you until you go play it.
Well he's only been playing a few months. He bought a BC Rich Beast and a MG10 practice amp with his own money and already needs something better. I took him to get that and wound up getting myself a guitar just a few weeks later. Planning on getting me a Crate V33 after christmas. Best part is I can play with his toys while he is at school! I figured this way we have a SS and a tube.
^yea i guess that works. don't get what i'm gonna say wrong, seeing as YOU'RE the parent and have more experience in life than i do, but a personal note...don't ya think you're gonna make him really spoiled with guitar gear? lol...i mean every guitarist gets GAS many times a year and he's gonna want stuff all the time, but he's only been playing a few months...but i can see that if YOU'RE a guitarist yourself and really wanting to keep him motivated so he follows your footsteps in a way, why you'd be all pumped for him getting new gear.

anyway, i was just wondering, it's not really my business but then again i wonder this alot when it comes to the kids who get newer nicer gear in a year or less than i ever did....

(used my firstAct strat and 1 watt belt amp for about half a year, then ibanez toneblaster for almost 2 years, then finally my vox AD30VT and epi G-400 around the 2 1/2 year mark and just a year ago got my first tube amp...)

maybe i'm just jealous cuz i had to help fund most of my stuff as my gma can't afford to get me all the nice gear she prolly wishes she could lol.
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Those are great choices

Don't worry about spoiling him, you're not.

If you were getting him a PRS and a Mesa Boogie of some kinda, then you'd be spoiling him.