I'm worried.
My phase 90's not working
When i connect a power supply to it, the led doesnt glow and the led on the supply dims a lot as well.
No sound from my amp when the pedal is on. When it's off, my guitar sound can be heard.


The problem is not with the supply, i tried 2 different power supplies on it. It was working fine till last night.
Open it up and see if any of the solder connections have come loose.


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when you say you tried different power supplies did you have those matched to the pedal correctly? You could have fried your pedal?

i would take it to a store or a friends and use all different cables, amp to isolate. You can also try a fresh battery.
i used a 9v power supply.
tried a batter....didnt work.

I'm gonna take it to a repair shop and see what he can do.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
well...did you take it to shop like you said?

i mean if it has a fresh battery and your sure the Power Adapter is working and correct voltage and negative/positive center is correct and your jacks are secure and your cables are good and blah bla blah............i'm not sure whatelse you can check.
I did.

They guy said he'd have a look at it and call me later today.

Hopefully its something small thsat can be easily fixed.