So here's my problem. Since my phone doesn't have texting I use Gmail to send messages to my friends phones. But when carrying on several conversations at once this can get very annoying seeing how in my inbox each person comes out something like: 645464794166@vtext.com and all the phone numbers only have three digit difference at the end. So Pit is there anyway to get my inbox to show the persons name instead of their number so I can be worry free conversing with people?
Can't you assign nicknames to various emails like you can with hotmail?
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I was about to suggest this. Listen to this man, he is wise and all-knowing.
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Can't you assign nicknames to various emails like you can with hotmail?

I'm pretty sure you can. I'd use my hotmail account but it get's 100 spam emails every five minutes.

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Memorize their numbers like a normal person?

Hard to do when it's like 16+ people.
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I'd really try and assign nicknames...
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Hard to do when it's like 6+ people.

6+ ah man, if people could only imagine the days before cell phones were absolutely everywhere.... ten years has made a pretty remarkable difference in people's attention spans and cognitive abilities.