Do you guys think I should sell my 1 year old B 52 At 112 60 watt all tube combo for at least 400 on ebay? I retails for 550 new.

im asking if it is a good deal or not.....cuz i may want to upgrade to the 212
see how much they run for on ebay

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Quote by gpowsang
im asking if it is a good deal or not.....cuz i may want to upgrade to the 212

Upgrade to the 212?!? Cuz of watts are something? Because 60 tube watts if ****ing loud!
just buy a cab, that would be more of an upgrade than buying a 212 version of the same amp.
Or change the speaker.
Craigslist is your friend always look for some crazy deal on it for a cheap cab with good speakers, but also check your stuff you never now if its phony.
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sory i made another thread

ill just add the OP to this one:

Anyone know the difference between these two, other than the obvious facts that one has more watts, an extra speaker, and just plain louder than the other.

I have the 112 and may be planning on selling it to get the 212 (which is a triple).

anyone know any distinct differences tone and sound wise?

thanks again!

edit: i cant get a cab since im going off to college next year, the most i can take is a combo.
Get it. The 2X12 sounds much better and has a much better bass response. Actually, if i were you, i would sell the 60 watter and get an AT100 with a stealth cab that has V30s. but thats just my opinion. I have the 2X12 with a 2X12 extension cab from egnater and i love it but i wish i had the AT100 with the stealth cab.
^so ur saying the 212 has better tone

ALSO, i said i cant get a stack cuz im off to college next year. thanks
in that case just change out the speaker unless you want to play at venues even then im pretty sure your set with a 112 60 watt amp.