So lately i've been really uninspired to play my guitar but i really want to get a lot better but theres a problem, i'm starting to hate so much ****ing music it's ridiculous. Is music just not as cool as it seems?? hope not.when i was a kid it seemed there was so much more left for me to discover but now im not thinking that. It seems that a lot of bands are sell outs or just plain lame. i used to be into so much and even underground **** too. There are so many good artists that aren't popular but can definately kick every signed bands ass like immortal technique for rap. SO what music will want me too get me really into my guitar??
This isn't going to be very helpful but..
i'm pretty sure in AT there are some sweet quotes from edg about motvation.

in AT go here.

go to section 8.7!!!
also 8.11

Edit: After actually reading your post..
let sellouts be sellouts.. What does it matter to you?
Music is music. If you like it listen to it.
If people try to make there music more appealing to attract more people then i dont see where the problem is.
Weather its for money or not. I don't agree with it but tbh it doesn't affect my life at all.
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Stop caring about the status of musicians. It has nothing to do with the music.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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If you are complaining music isn't what it used to be listen to the old stuff that is good.
If you can't find the music you want to listen to then make it.

If you like Black Sabbath and Led Zep as your name might suggest and that kick ass hard rock sound then check out The Datsuns - MotherF@!ker from Hell and Wolfmother - Woman. Both good ones to start with. The Black Keys 10.A.M. Automatic - no I'm not pushing religion you just got to give that one like thirty seconds to get to the song The Black Keys - When the Lights Go Out The Black Keys are pretty bluesy compared to Wolfmother and the Datsuns but I think they are the best thing to come out of the states in a while. People rave about the Black Rebel Motorcylce Club but I thought they sounded pretty generic - you might like it though.

Good Luck

EDIT: It's such a shame Seven Nation Army was White Stripes best song I had high hopes when I heard that song. Everything else I've heard from them I haven't wanted to hear anymore
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You don't like the music? Why don't you like the music? What would make it better?

Write your own stuff, that you think is better, and that you can enjoy. If you want music to be as special and mysterious as it was before, then explore it on your own instrument. In other words, play guitar not because of what others are doing, but because of what you want to do.
I think you need to broaden your horizons beyond what you see on tv and hear on the radio.
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i'm pretty sure in AT there are some sweet quotes from edg about motvation.

LOL. Maybe I should go on the motivational speaking circuit...

I'm probably not in a majority here, but while I really love playing and practicing guitar,
I'm just not a music nut. I enjoy it and a like to listen to a bunch of different styles,
but I just don't go out of my way to listen to any. I've had the same Wayne Shorter
CD in my car for the past 5 months and that's about the extent of my listening -- going
back & forth to work.

The guitar helps me explore more than just music. So, what I'm saying is, it's possible
you could be still interested & motivated in the guitar, and still be somewhat blase about
music at the moment, if that's any help.
When I started to attempt to write my own songs, it really opened up my perspective to music. Songs that I did not used to like, I started to become obsessed with. I had way more appreciation for pop artists then I ever did before. I started to listen to stuff that had the best songwriting and the catchiest lyrics. Since then, my musical tastes have taken a complete 180. I recommend you stop listening to the same stuff because you need to broaden your tastes somewhat.