Hey Pitt, So I just got a computer from a friend. It's a Windows XP 160 Gig. I want to remove the password from my main account and it would not let me. I put in the original password I use to log in and it doesn't work and even when I try to change it it doesn't let me. So, If there is a computer whiz out of the guitar players could some one help me? Thanks, The Pitt NEVER fails!
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change your account type to system admin?

this. and if not then i can't think of any other reason it would do that.
If you can't get onto your computer then start it up in safe mode and you can log onto the admin account. Im not really sure what your asking
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Sounds to me like you jacked a computer or are on someone else's and can't get in... Otherwise why would you remove the password if you know it?


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