I recently bought a new Ibanez Artwood guitar. I've been learning guitar for about six months. Anyway the strings seem to be really tight in comparison with other guitars I've played. I think the action might be to high because when playing high up on the frets i have to hold down really hard to get all the strings to sound clearly. They are also quite thick strings I think. They just feel really tight and hard to push down. Our school has some really cheap, crappy guitars and I find them easier to play than my expensive (kinda) guitar. Do you guys have any advise or know what the problem may be?

And yeah Im tuned to standard tuning!
Do you have the stock strings on? I would get some light guage strings. If that doesn't work....to be honest I've been seeing a lot of complaints like this with Ibanez acoustics. Honestly you could've done better for your money.

And what brands are the acoustics at your school? Maybe they're good brands that you haven't heard of before?
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Thanks, I will give the light strings a go, is there any way to tell how thick my strings are at the moment?

btw: the ones at my school have no brand and they are purchased for about 20 bucks! lol

anyway, I just feel there is too much tension in the strings and it is making it unenjoyable to play.

Any other opinions would be appreciated! thanks
If you have access to a micrometer you can gauge the thickness of the high E string yourself. If it registers .012", then you've already got acoustic lights on it. If it reads .011", then you've got custom lights on. If .013", then they're acoustic mediums.
You can gauge each string this way, then go to any string mfr. site and see what set most closely matches the ones you have on it now and off you go.
You said you're in school, so bring the guitar to the tech. shops and ask for one of the instructors to mic the strings for you. It's very easy and safe to do.
does ur artcore have a tail piece instead of a fixed bridge? if it does i think that the overall length of the string is longer creating more pressure, i don't know for sure but it just popped in my head for some reason,
if thats the case then lighter gage strings would help

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