I have a Gibson LP Vintage Mahogany and when I bought it, I was having a very difficult time deciding whether to get a Schecter C-1 Classic or this LP. Obviously i chose the LP but now I am wondering whether i should sell my LP and buy a new Classic. I bought the LP used for $500 (it was a steal, that's what made me decide to get it) but when i look on ebay there are almost identical vintage mahoganies selling for around $600. The classic has nice cleans, singing leads, and a really great look. Is it worth selling my Lp, then spending an extra $100 for?
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...nice replies, huh?

I think it would be worth it.
LP Classics are amazing.
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Well i would sell it just because i dont really like the feel of les pauls, but other than that, i dont know.
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I would, but that's cause I want a Classic. It's sexy.
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Ultimately if your LP doesn't do it for you then maybe look for something else.

A friend of mine is a big Gibson guy and has been pointing out LP deals for me but I wanted something with similar specs (mahogany, set neck, decent passive pups, etc) that was more unique and equally versatile so I ordered a C-1 classic.

Should arrive next week . I ordered it without testing - kinda silly but the guitar is just so damn sexay .
sell it, buy a schecter! just don't buy a guitar without trying it out first!! make sure it feels right in your hands then make a choice.