For the price, here in Australia for the 1x12 I'm looking at around AUD$1800. It has switchable wattage either 8, 15 or 30 watts and an adjustable gain boost but most of all sounded great in the shop. I just wanted some other recommendations to compare this amp to before I go and spend this kind of cash.

I play classic rock and blues but would like to be able to get a Satriani kind of tone too. I have an Ibanez JS1000 and a Patrick Eggle Berlin and would be using my BB+ too.
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Well, how much would a Budda Superdrive 18 cost in your parts of the world?
I thought it was a great amp for Classic rock and blues. It could probably get something close to satch with an OD, too.
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For rock and blues a Hughes & Kettner Statesman would be great. With a pedal I think you can get a Satriani tone too.
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Ooh I'd love to get my hands on a Budda Superdrive but I've never seen one, at least in Sydney I'll check online and see if there are any importers. I'll check the H&K Statesman prices too, thanks for the advice guys!
After much deliberation and the fact that it seems incredibly hard to find amps in Sydney to test I have decided to go with the 1x12 Black Pearl. I tested it again on the weekend and it just sounds fantastic, I put my order in so just have to wait. I can't wait to crank it and hear how it sounds with my BB+! Thanks for suggestions guys.