Well, I have a Marshall MG ( ) and when I angle my pick too much, it get a...."chang" sound. It's very hard to explain. My question is: Will a new (tube) amp fix this sound? It's very annoying...

For you MG owners (I'm hoping this is very few of you...), turn up the dist. and angle a 2mm pick to somewhere aroun 45 degrees. Don't palm mute. Then, strike the low e string with the very tip of the pick, barely grazing it. You might be able to understand what I'm talking about then.
I think this is normal, but will be slightly different depending on amps/pickups and such.
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i kno what u mean
is one of those really thick and wide picks?
my friend uses like a bass pick for his guitar and he uses an mg
it makes such an ugly noise and he hasnt figuured out how to fix.
what guitar do u use on it?
You're slicing the string with the side of your pick, which produces a really scratchy and treble tone. Use the front of the pick, don't slice.


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That is the sound of incorrect picking technique, not your amp.

Agreed. If it only makes that sound when you hold the pick a certain way, DON'T HOLD THE PICK THAT WAY!
Yes, you said it yourself... "when I angle my pick too much, it get a...."chang" sound". Fix your technique.
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I've never gotten that sound...I think it's what the others said, bad picking technique.