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Solo guitar was recorded direct into Pro Tools LE 002 via J48 active direct box using a Pod as reference for the distorted guitar tone to be re-recorded later.

At the same time, video was recorded using a Sony DCR-SR42 camera.

Computer recorded direct tracks were then taken to another studio and reamplified (Reamp) through 4 different amps (modded Marshall, Dual Rectifier, Boogie Combo, and Line 6 Bogner). 5 different mics were used on the speaker cabinet and the live room. Dude, it was so loud you would';t believe it... ! About 40 recorded guitar tracks in the end making up the main 5 mono tracks mixed in stereo.

Final tracks were then taken back to home studio and mixed in Pro Tools. Video was edited using Final Cut Express.
That was amazing! I can't imagine the time and effort it took to make that.

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this is professional quality stuff.
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