I am new to guitar tabs, but not to reading sheet music.

I would love to download some easy tabs to help me learn to play the guitar, but I've found that most tabs only give the chords and the lyrics of the song.

How do I find the correct strum pattern?

Take for example http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/p/pearl_jam/better_man_ver4_tab.htm . Probably a great tab, but what strum pattern do I use?

I would love some help to figure out strum patterns.

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They usually have something above the chords to notify you if it is not a obvious genre thing, or you can just figure it out by ear. Tabs make you lazy.
Most chord sheets don't come with strumming patterns, your best bet would be to download powertab or tuxguitar and use the powertab and guitarpro files on this website if you're struggling.
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