I'm going for a Protest the hero/Born of osiris kinda sound, a just started it tonight and am already stuck.

You'll noticed the drums stop after the first 5 measures, thats because i dont know a good rhythm that would compliment the next guitar part.

Also, I'm thinking something really melodic to go into after the last chord.

I suck at making songs, help a brotha out
Here ya go, took about 10 min (god I love getting to sleep in now and not go to school, winter semester break ftw!)

Added some drums, and took your riffs and modified them for a verse riff to get you started, enjoy and feel free to use whatever I put in there.

crit my song please?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1014130

edit: and also, 8/4 is not necessary, just use 4/4 for simplicity's sake.
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