I haven't slept very well for about a week, so I'v been writing a bunch of weird stuff.
More poerty than actual songs.

" I have racked my brains, torn apart my mind
trying to understand you.
But, in my insanity, I've discovered yours.
'twas not my fault I could never please you,
one cannot please that which longs
for everything at once and nothing at all.

I mistook your flaws as my my own,
your irrationalities as my misunderstandings.
Scarce a thing does the old saying do,
"ignorance is bliss"
for I am blissful now with this knowledge,
moreso than when I bathed in the burning lake
accompanied by cruel ignorance.
Though my sanity wavers in the wind,
happiness has found me, as I am troubled no more"
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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damn good,

I remember writing a song like this not too long ago...

Id say make it a tad longer is all.