Alright, so since everyone assumed I wanted to sound like John Mayer in my pickups thread in the electric guitar forum, I figured I'd post this here where I don't have people somehow thinking I was a John Mayer idolizer.

Anyway, I did some research and found two pickups I like, both noiseless despite that supposed to be taking away tone. Anyway, if I can't afford to get a custom set from CorduroyEW, it's between these three sets;

Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless' - $180 - American Deluxe pickups. Plus their noiseless. Pros; Noiseless FTW. Apparently their good since their used on Am. Dlx.'s, though I oughta try one out before buying... Cons; I immediately sound like a stock cliche American Deluxe, meaning somewhat generic.

Fender Hot Noiseless' - $150 - Jeff Beck's strat's pickups. Some say their as hot as EMG's, and I like that. I also liked what I could find of their tone online. Pros; Used by Jeff Beck, one of my bigger idols. Also noiseless! Cheaper. Cons; None I can think of really.

So, thoughts, opinions if you have them, ans suggestions? Also, before I pull out for noiseless pickups though, can they still feedback, or should I look for new pickups since I play with feedback?

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I'd go for the hot noiseless.
The SCNs are a tad warmer, but neither of those are very warm in the first place. The character of the hot noiseless is crunchier, especially for chords.

If you really want the jeff beck flavor with some better cleans, I'd do a JB or a JB junior in the bridge and lace hot golds in the middle and neck. It's still noiseless, a bit more versatile, and definitely in the JB vein. The Golds aren't as hot as the pickups you're looking at, but they're better for cleans, and the JB is much hotter than either of those sets for lead work.
i had the hot noiseless. they're okay pickups, but i think it lacked the high end. the pickups sounded artificial, and i wanted the sound to be a little more "rounder".

i ahve corduroyew's pickups now. :p good stuff.
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