I have recently made the switch over to drums and I really need Christmas money so I'm putting my strat up for sale. It was actually purchased from a member on this board so I can PM you his username to vouch for it's condition.

The ONLY flaw that it has is a small chip on the bottom-side of the neck near the 11th fret. It DOES NOT affect playability. It's on the fretboard but it's on the bottom-side where the frets are glued in so you do not feel it. I will include pictures of said chip for verification.

Other than that, the guitar is in stellar condition, and I believe the serial number dates it to 1997. Plays great, stays in tune, lives in a hardcase when it's not being played. No other knicks, scuffs or scratches anywhere.

Guitar will ship in a hardshell case which I don't need back so shipping will probably be in the neighborhood of $40 or so.

I really need to get rid of this so I'm asking $250 shipped/paypal'ed. Buyer will also receive Dimebag Darrell Dunlop Cry Baby wah, Digitec effects processor with wah, and probably some other miscellaneous gear I have laying around the house that I'm not going to need.

I'm in a cash crunch so help out a fellow musician if interested. Post here or PM me, doesn't matter.

Thanks for looking!

PS, I will have pictures up in a couple hours. I'm on my laptop and don't have any photos on here. I apologize. They will be up as soon as I get back to my desktop.
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I stand corrected. The guitar was made in 1995.

The previous owner's username is iplayanesp. He has a very good trader rating on this board, so feel free to PM him for any more info.

Also, I posted this here once before and people were very skeptical of the chip. Just for peace of mind, I will ship the guitar to the buyer, you can try it out for yourself and if you think that it does hinder the playability in any way, shape, or form I will issue a full refund and also pay to have it shipped back to me. That's how confident I am in this guitar's condition. You can also ask the previous owner and he will verify the information.
"When the going gets tough, the tough start drinking"
Well, I'm not interested in the strat, but tell me more about what miscellaneous gear that you have.
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MIGHT be interested in this. Don't have the cash on me now, but wait until a little closer to Christmas and I'll be all over this. If someone else comes along and has the cash before then, just sell it to them. If not, lemme know.