How often do you bunk off school or work and for what reason? What are your thoughts on playing hookie?

Discuss Pit.
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Discuss Pit.

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depends.. i really sick on how ppl live on their lifestyle now a days...
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Sorry, i'm a little slow, but what's hookie?

truancy = skiving = bunking off = playing hookie etc etc
When I think it's no use to have my last class till 16:15 when I've got ll other sorts of stuff to do.. but it doenst happen that often
Oh and I almost never go to my drawing class at times I should, I always come and go whenever I want, my teacher doesn't mind
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school, twice. last year.

First time was some crappy day to do with sports and stuff. (not sports day though, haha)
Second was to avoid clapping out the year 11's as they left the school, and also to miss my drama lesson.

Nothing exciting, i dont see the point in it really.
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i used to skip school cause some mornings I wake up and just can't get the nerve to separate my balls from the mattress. Now that I'm in college and I hate my major, my excuse for the last 2 months of absences is that i have absolutely no interest in the subject matter and refuse to cater to the bull**** they make me do. College isn't higher learning as much as it is "do this random bull**** and I'll pass you". So writing 30page papers are more common then papers based purely on intellect.
I used to have a really **** job working at a place called CapGemini in Nairn, scotland. I'd have to get up really early and drive over there, and they had this really annoying way of keeping track of you.

Everything you did was monitored via a card system in the building, and everything else you did was monitored via computers/cameras/recording equipment. It was really, really creepy.

I think I showed up to work on maybe 2 Tuesdays and 5 Fridays in the 5 months I was there. Let's face it, who wants to get up in the freezing cold weather and drive 20 miles at 7am? So I'd onlt actually work a normal week from monday wednesday and thursday.

Damn I hated been watched all the time...and the money was ****!
I usually skip a couple of lessons a week if I have to learn a lot for other tests for example...I'm off school right now since I'm sick...but I have to go back later today because we are getting marks in Sports today
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Never heard the term "bunk off" before

I used to skip classes fairly often, especially commtech or gym or other non-academic subjects. I would go for walks and get coffee and it was really nice. Actually, one thing I really miss about high school is all the nice walks I would take.

When I used to safeway I used to disappear for a few hours at a time quite often and nobody would notice, but every job I've had since I would never do that. I have had some jobs however, including my current one, where I can sit around and read for the long periods where there's no customers.
lol....most of the time. I hate the schools in Malaysia, but I live there, what could I do?? Worst thing is the school doesn't bother about your attendance much. They will only proceed to call your house and contact your parents if you sleep in classes, but they don't do anything if you don't turn up altogether!! wth??