Title suggestions please?

The only girl on my mind right now
is the only girl I didn't know how
to get, to meet, to at least get a chance to see
Who I could really be

But you are, what you are
Another wanted inneccessity
If I could only show you
How much you mean to me

Whenever I think about you
I feel I'm in a pawnshop
looking at diamonds, not knowing if they're real
So I'll take my time, I'll go real slow
Just wait a while, and then you'll know
Maybe, Oh maybe, It's better left alone

I'll make it hard on my self
Complicating such simple things
Add that to "I'm barely trying"
No Possibilities

I'm lost in my own thoughts
And you're just fogging up the truth
Unreleased emotions, baby you're oh so cruel
In this world of color, why would I only be blue?

I gave you my song today
You thought it was scrap paper
I stuttered to say, but you wouldn't listen
Crossed my name out right away.....