I'm just gonna post the lyrics, C4C of course.

Ride along with me my friend,
everything will be like this until the end.
Just like life, nothing's changed
It's like we're stuck on the tracks with the same old train.

All your life you been pushed to the ground.
You been searchin' but still nothing has been found.
Another day out there in the rain.
Still ridin' the tracks of the same old train.

You were born to watch a screen.
To make sure they washed of all your dreams
they regulate and mosh your brain.
This is every day on the brainwash train.

Break the habit and don't step in line.
They will make it appear you don't feel to fine.
every revoulutionary is the same,
he's a lunatic just ridin' the train.

No one knows everythings a lie.
All I see is what pass me by.
I'll never give up try to make things change.
Enough sticks in the wheels might stop the train...
I'm going to record it soon as i get time. It's kind of folk-ish, though to ad some harmonica to it . Think that will be pretty cool.
The rhyming was.. I have to admit, awful.
(You never used anything but one syllable rhymes, interesting, eh?)

I'd like to hear it, and you're onto that, cool.

I like how it comes back to the train, but in a new way each time, so we are constantly learning more and more about this titled train.
I recorder the song this morning. By misstake posted it in the songwriting forum (sorry for that) but here is the link.

In my profile... :P

Crit please.