The first 20 bars are really good. The clean part is interesting and definately not conventional. The bass part that comes in does alot for the piece, I like the simplicty of it, and the drum part on the toms is really good. The use of the double kick aswell seems to keep it from not sounding to broken up aswell which is good.

Really impressive.. But. I can't say I like the piece from there on.

23-30 is okay, it just gets kind of bland, then the rest of it is just to much for me, I don't know. The bit at 40 has some groove, it just isn't very pleasing in terms of.. (does not know "technical" term) the note used.

132 is about the only other part I like. I thought you used the section for to long it really has a groove. Why couldn't more of the piece have a feel like that. =\

When I say I didn't like the rest, it was just to over the place really, and then occasionally to monotonous? They weren't actually bad, but I wouldn't listen to it.

Sorry if this seems harsh. I guess it's not really my genre. Some of it was really good though. If you like it as it is, then keep it that way.