Righty, when i first started playing i was told to play with my left leg raised, mines currently resting on a crybaby ontop of a sweet tin, pretty comfortable. But now I've watched this UG video on google video where you cross your left leg over. Now guitarwise, this is a LITTLE more comfortable to me, besides the overly cramped genitals. But question, if im supposed to practise with the guitar relative to how it would be standing, surely classical position would be better than leg crossed over and guitar on the left?
i always have it on my right leg cause its more comfortable
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its your own decision.try not to copy what others do and make it comfortable for yourself

yeah man just make up your own position tht is most comfortable to you like i used to get in trouble from my teacher cuz i held my pick with 3 fingers but its all about wat you want
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The only reason for the raised left leg thing is that it angles the neck of the guitar upwards and so naturally makes for a better angle for your wrist when fretting the guitar. It's all to do with comfort, just play however is most comfortable to you. Some people haven't grasped the concept of playing with comfort > looking like slash with your guitar around you ankles. bottom line if you play so it is comfortable you will play better, classical vs crossed leg isn't really a competition, which is more comfortable to you?