So yeah, I do not own a 7 stringer yet and most of Nevermore's songs are amazingly hard...
Do you guys have any ideas?
Besides there early stuff the only two i can think of is Psalms of Lydia and Dreaming Neon Black...

Dreaming Neon Black is easier out of the two...
a lot of there older stuff is 6 string.

If you don't want to play the solos just tune your 6 string down to a 7 string minus the 1st string, thats what I did when I first started to learn how to play nevermore stuff, I found back then that Loomis' riffs were pretty hard to play (the riff from "born" for example, the verse riff and pretty much everything else lol) so I tuned my 6 string to that of a 7 and didn't even bother w/ the solos and stuff, first I learned how to play the rhythm parts, once I'd done that I went out and bought a 7 string to learn the solos and play rhythm too.

Here are some songs you should check out that are 6 string only for nevermore and sound pretty sweet:

-The Sorrowed Man
-The Sanity Assassin
-believe in nothing
-What tomorrow knows (really fun and easy to play)
-Chrome black future (very challenging, still haven't learned the solos to it, there are no tabs available for this song, ear tabbing ftw!)
-The 7 tongues of god
-This Sacrament (awesome to play!)
-Politics of Ecstasy
-Lost (one of my favorites)
-The Learning (also a great song)
-beyond within (great song as well)
-Dreaming Neon Black (obviously)

Hope that helps, keep it metal boys! New nevermore album next year wooooo
tomorrow turned into yesterday is pretty easy and i'm pretty sure can be played on a 6
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