I thought I'd be more into the 7 string than I am, maybe it's because I'm not a Washburn guy. Anyway up fs/ft: Washburn X-Series 7 string. As far as I can tell it's in mint condition, stock pickups. Does come with an after market bridge, not sure from who or were, it came with the guitar. So, the stock bridge is still on, but the after market bridge comes with it. Also comes with a Road Runner gig bag. It's currently got gigantic strings on it, 13's or something ridiculous, but the action is relatively low, but there is some buzz; I'm sure that if you put some normal human playable strings on it it would accommodate some lower action and no buzz.
I'd also add this in with my RG550 for trade for something a little higher up on the foodchain.
I'd like to trade this for a set of pickups (straight up for a set of Dimarzio's, Duncan's, EMG's etc)