Heya, im looking for a 8/16 multi-track Desk top recording device, and i want to spend about £100- 300 on it, but preferablly nearer the £100 range (obviously).

Have you got any ideas on what makes/models are good or bad for that price and for what reason?

Id like to be able to record my own stuff in my house, mabey put it onto the coputer and play about with it but an inbuilt editing option would be prefurable.

Ive done some scouting about on the net and they all say diffrent things, so i wondered if you guys have any ideas/opinions?



EDIT: Also anyone got any ideas for a simulated drum machiene aslwell for the same price range, though hopefully slightly less, thats the only thing i dont have
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boss br600

and theres a tascam one but i cant remember the name
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