hey, i just got back to my house after not having been in (and so not playing my guitar) for a few days and so straight away i started playing guitar like mad. of course, a string broke, so i stuck a new set on (same make + gauge) but now i have really loud fret buzz on the low E string and a little fret buzz on the A and D.
i've tried adjusting the action on those strings and even at about 2, 2.5mm it's still buzzy. it's a telecaster so there's no issue with the trem.
i can't really give you much more information than that. i don't know much about the hardware side of guitar playing, but hopefully ive given enough information to give someone an idea what's wrong?
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Sounds like the strings are hitting the other frets of the guitar when you are strumming, and making that buzz. Adjust your action slightly up and it should go away.
oop, forgot to mention. i tried adjusting the action to as high as 2, 2.5mm on those strings and it didn't help.
Is the buzz happening on all frets? Even on an open note? Even when you try to strum it softly? If so, I might also want to check the bridge if I was you, maybe the strings are slightly in the wrong spot, or there is something getting in the way. (With my old floyd rose, the screw for the saddle actually gets in the way of strumming and creates a buzzing noise as well).
yeah, there's buzzing on all frets and i don't have to hit very hard at all to do that.
i dont know what you mean by the bridge problems though, i mean i know what you mean but i dont know what the 'right' place for the screws to be in is. it's a telecaster so there's no issue with the trem.
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There's a lot of good instructional videos on YouTube regarding fret buzz and how to adjust the guitar to fix it. If you aren't confident in what you're doing though, I suggest just taking it to a technician and having them show you how to solve the problem.