I go with EMGs cause i have them on my guitar, but i'd like more detailed reason on the cons and pros against both.
I ask cause perhaps i'll buy an ibanex but replace the prior humbuckers with EMGs.
I would do it. EMG's have a lot more punch. I have an EMG 81/85 combo in two of my guitars, they have a great range. I actually sold off the two Ibanez guitars I've owned because I didn't like the sound.

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I don't have any reference for how Ibanez pickups sound because I always swap them out for Dimarzio's. I have EMG's in my LTD's. When comparing the same sound of each of them back to back, the EMG's sound nice and clear but the Dimarzio's make your playing so much more expressive and natural.

It all comes down to your preference. Test both out.
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