I am selling my BC Rich Virgo. I have had it for approximately 1-year, but have touched it no more than twice or three times. Very good condition!

Here are the specs as per the official BC Rich website

Construction: bolt on
Body wood: nato (eastern mahogany)
Body thickness: 45mm
Top style: beveled
Body binding: no

Headstock style: SOB Beast
Headstock color: onyx
Headstock binding: no
Tuners: B.C. Rich diecast

Neck wood: maple
Back of necknyx
Neck binding: no

Fretboard: ebony
Inlay: white pearloid Celtic
Frets: 24 jumbo 2.7mm
Factory strings: 9 – 42
Nut: 43mm
Scale: 25 1/2”

Bridge: Tune o matic
Tailpiece: string through the body
Pickups: 2 distressed pewter covered B.C. Rich humbuckers
Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone
Click to see control diagram
Hardware: distressed pewter

Special features: Aged control knobs
Finish: painted glossy
Color: onyx

Click HERE for a pic

Asking price is $250 but no decent offer will be refused. Would like to sell quickly, so if you'd like a quality guitar at a sweet price, let me know!

Thanks, Logan
Bump. TTT.

Price dropped to 175 here before it goes up on eBay. I bought it for 365 or thereabouts.

I joined the forum for this because someone on here referred me to the site. He claims it is a great source of info/help and also a nice place to sell a guitar. Id rather not use eBay at all, I like to support online communities. (I'm a member of many, just not this one until now.)

Thanks, and heres your chance.

If you'd like to wait a week or so, I'd be very interested, and you pay 200$ instead of 170 like you said you dropped it to, if you'll put it on eBay, when I get moneyu for it in a week or so, if you interested, let me know. BTW How much is shipping
I can hold it for a week yes, and if you give your zip code I can figure shipping. I will post pictures this weekend also.

What form of payment were you considering? Because I have yet to set up my PayPal account.
Okay, is there a specific reason? Cant get the finances, or found something different? Just curious.

Now its back to the top, I'll still accept 175 for anyone who asks!

I can go take some pics with my phone right now, but how would I get them here? I dont have photobucket or anything to host with.

If you would like, I can email them to anyone who would like to see them!

PM me your email and Ill shoot you a message and attach a few pics, subject line saying GUITAR.

I believe that will work correct? or too much hassle.. Sorry I'm not a picture-to-post genius guys