Is rondomusic.com a trustworthy site to buy an electric guitar from? I mean are they going to rip me off or steal my CC# and charge me things that I didnt buy?

sorry if this is in the wrong section.
They don't sell agile's on MF. But from what I hear from people they are happy with their rondo stuff. Gonna buy a pedalboard from them eventually.

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well Im looking to buy this: http://www.rondomusic.com/al2000whitegoldhw.html

but I wanna make sure its not gonna be a christmas disaster when someones having a ball with my money

Looks beautiful. They are a big company and seem to be real popular around here. I haven't heard any horror stories.

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EBMM JP7 Dargies Delight II
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i've bought off rondo several times with no problems.
if you still feel iffy, they have an ebay account, which uses paypal
all the same stuff as the website for the same price
I haven't had any experience with Rondo's Music, but my brother and a few of my former bandmates have bought stuff from them. You won't regret it, the Agile guitars are well worth the money.
I feel like a giddy little school girl right now.

An awesome les paul style guitar, with TRAPEZOID INLAYS, and all the stuff that makes a guitar look hawt...except the knobs, im definatly gonna wanna replace those. And for an awesome price!
I bought my AL-3100 off of there. The first one they sent me had a bad selector switch but when i told them they quickly sent me a brand new guitar which i havent had a single problem with ever. And no, they have not gone on a spending spree with my card
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