The guitar gear didn't get me anywhere! Help me pit.


I ordered a studio toneport UX2 yesturday for my christmas present which im looking pretty forward to and I want some decent studio monitors to go with it all when I get some cash after christmas (Im skint right now). I'd like to spend up to the £70 mark as im not looking for anything brilliant but if I don't have to go up that high, I would prefer this. So I need some recommendations on that if possible?

Also, Im in the process of learning how to read music and wanted to also get a cheap keyboard for christmas (like £40 or less). But now, because I have the toneport coming, Im not sure whether to get a keyboard to help read music or a midi controller such as an m-audio.

What would be better to go for? Can I still learn to read music with a midi controller or is it completely different to a proper keyboard. I don't know my stuff in this area so help would be much appreciated.

So, I need some ideas for decent studio monitors but under £70 and I also need to know whether to go for a midi controller or a keyboard. And what make to go with?

Just so you know, My laptop runs with vista =\

Thanks very much!
Go to the right forum and stop putting down people who are actually trying to point you in the right direction.
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