On my old dell computer I used to run this program called cleanup every once in a while which would delete all sorts of unneeded files and whatnot, I'm not even really sure, but every time I ran it my system would speed up significantly. I'm wondering if there's software like this for a mac? I'm running a mac book with OS leapard btw.
nope. mac doesn't have a traditional registry or any of that, so file cleanup isn't there. the non-visible portion of the Mac OS, its structure, is not even similar to Vista/XP. Mac is built on Unix, what you see on a mac is what you have, not as much hidden files and programs crap like microsoft loves to have.
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What cthuludawn21 said.

But, there's a program called App Zapper that deletes all files needed to run an application, instead of just deleting the application, like Macs usually do.. That's the only thing close to cleaning up a Mac that I can think of, or have.
There IS a program like this. I've used it on my Mac. I'll look for it and edit this if I find it.

EDIT: Can't find it D:

Look up a program called monolingual. It will remove languages that you don't use and free up hard drive space. The program I had did this among other things. It works for leopard even though the site doesn't mention it. Just make sure you don't uninstall ALL languages and you'll be ****ed. A google search will tell you how to use it.

Also, Macs supposedly defragment their disk drives automatically (something Windows doesn't do), making a disk cleanup redundant.
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Congrats on having a Mac.

This basically means you don't need to ask this question.

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