Whats Up UG! It's going more on Nine Months now. I have an Ibanez s620EXQM, Pretty new and still Shiny. The problem is the only amp I have is a Randall practice amp and it really isn't cutting it. My question for all of you is What would be a good practice amp for someone in my position? I don't want to go too cheap on the budget and outgrow the amp but I want an amp that will be versitile in sound, so as my style changes, I won't need a new amp. I'm thinking Maybe somewhere up to $400 or $500. I want to be able to gig with it if I have to but I mostly Practice alone. The majority of my efforts have been going towards Metal but I would like to branch out into multiple styles of music; Classic and Hard Rock, Blues, Whatever.
Any help is greatly apprectiated!
Line 6 Flextone?
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I may not be objective here - but play some smaller Orange amps, I think they're pretty. And if you're that far you probably that shouldn't get anything that has Marshall MG written on it.
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Get either a Line 6 Spider III or a Peavey Vypyr. Both of the higher watt models are compatible with switcher pedals to switch your sound channels for gigging. Unless you are rich, modeling amps are probably the best bet. Just go try both out and see what you like.
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Well what I've seen the only difference between amps in the $200 to $500 dollar range is generally just the wattage. You can't really get a really good amp (tube) for less than $700 to $800 dollars. So if you budget is 4 to $500 dollars I'd think about getting a Line 6 spider or Peavy Bandit along with a distortion pedal and a noise suppressor. I think both of those amps are around $200 or $300 dollars with pretty solid wattage. The Line 6 also a ton of effects you could use for different styles of music.
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Get the Peavey Vypyr or Roland Cube.

Indeed. The Line 6 Spider series is generally known for its awfully thin tone. I have a Cube 60 myself and I think it's great in its price range. I haven't heard any complaints about the Vypyr either.
vox ad50vt
roland cube 60
peavey vypyr 75, or wait for one of the tube ones
line 6 flextone (used?) or if you can find a good deal on a used vetta
Ohh I forgot to add that I already have a Digitech RP 80. would that make any difference in all of your suggestions?
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I have a VOXAD30VT practice amp. They are 250 in the store. Sounds thin and muddy. Spend 70 on an eminence demon/rajincajun/G10/etc speaker and you have a fine modeling amp that has a discrete master and volume, and a third knob that controls the wattage like a powerplate to crank the tube, but lower the wattageoutput so its not super loud. YOu can spend another 10 minutes doing a FX loop mod on it and you will have a $600 sound-quality amp, imo, for around 330-350 bucks.
The Peavey Vypyrs are great. Sound much better then the Line 6 Spiders. You could get the 75w its only about $300. But if its mostly for home practice, get the 30w. A 75w will way to loud for home use... but do whatever you want.
line 6 =/= bad. check out a used flextone or vetta (well, vetta if your lucky) also a peavey XXX 112 should cover your styles, but i dont know how good of a practice amp it would make. if you wanna buy new, you could get a solid state randall like this one: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Randall-RG75DG3-G3-ValveDynamic-Series-Amp?sku=480335 , which are a bit more simple to use than if you got a flextone or vetta.

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Yesterday I was looking at a Line 6 Spider 3 30w. It looked pretty good and it was in the budget but I didn't take my guitar with me. I think it would make a great amp for what I need but I have to hear it. I'm going to take me guitar with me next time . If it's as bad in tone as heard I'll probaly go with the Vox Ad50vt or the Roland Cube 60w. I just need to go and actually play on them to decide for myself.