I had a thought yesterday, when I woke up with a song in my head.

In this day and age, bands and artists (I realise i'm generalising) bring out albums, and choose a few (4-5 at the most, out of at least 10) that may be worthy of single release, and they make a video for that song, so on and so forth.

But what about, instead of recording an album, and going the 'traditional' route, you recorded your songs, and set it to a film. Not a soundtrack to a film, but a film to your album. Vision to accompany the songs you are singing. It would be just as easy to skip to a song, if you set it so the songs divided the film into scenes so you could just press skip like on any dvd player.

It would make for another form of artistic expression, a new role in any band, and could be represented by, or be representative of, your live performances. I'm not saying 'lets make a ~70 minute music video'.. but I sort of am. You know?

I was interested in how you think it would go, and how differently people may value the music that is put across in this format. I know people who only own a handful of CDs, most of it's on their computer, but ask them about DVDs, and they'll show you a 300-strong collection of all their favourite films, in the way people used to with their music.
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The Wall, by Pink Floyd.

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oh and the trailer/video thing to Colors thats on the bonus features of Colors live (BTBAM)
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Ah, ok. I never claimed it was an original idea, just an interesting one.

But you dont see it very often, and my real point was how would it change the value of music.
i kinda see what your sayingbut you're still making a 70 min music video. and bands kinda already do that with live DVDs.i mean it's a cool idea to make somthing like that. but the reason why most artists don't make a video for EVERY song is cuz it requires a RIDUCULIS amount of time and money. producing an album compared to that is pocket change. i see what your saying is like "why write a book when you could put on a play" your getting the same message across but just adding that visual aspect to it.
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I personally wouldnt buy as Id have to go in to a different room just to listen to that album but i suppose many people would love it, the wall was very well revieved. I think you'd still have to release a CD version so people can listen to it through a CD player.
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Alot of live DVDs have this sort of thing, the LoG DVDs have the live set broken up with tour footage and such other stuff in between with the option to watch either the live set in its entirety or remove it from the film, and your right about the DVD comment, personally I prefer buying music DVDs to CDs.
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Doesn't Tool play a video behind them at their concerts? Anyways, it's a cool idea if you've got the film talent.
if you got the money and talent you can do it...but the most i listen to a cd is in my car or working out, so as long it could play on an ipod or regular stereo it would be cool...but for us getting started out, its very expensive to even make an album
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