Hey guys! I have an amp with a problem. I just got an amp from a friend that does not have an input jack. It was suppposed to be replaced but that never happend. He removed the input jack because it was deffective, but he dosn't have it anymore.

The amp is a Zoom Fire-15 30w Amp, Modeling, not Tubes.

I was wondering if I could get a standard guitar input jack and solder that in, or is there some special amp jack that I would need instead. There is a two wire female plug for Power and Ground (black and red). I believe the input jack plugged straight into that without a special board or something; however I can't be sure.

Anyone have internal Pictures of the amp or a similar solid state amplifier in its default state(a wiring schematic for it is fine)? Otherwise, suggestions or links to replacement jack's that should do the job is fine.

Oh man, I had a fire 18 and the input jack broke on it, and the store said it cudn't be repaired because the jack was connected to the motherboard.
When the jack was removed, it cracked the motherboard rendering the amp useless. Hopefully that didnt happened here, but it happens easily.
If it does work, yay, theyre great lil amps
Since pictures are always important, here are some that should help explain the situation a bit better.

Picture of the Female connecter plug that is supposed to go to the input, or an input board of some sort.

Another Picture of it and the general area of the input, there dosn't appear to be any screw holders for a possible board, so I am thinking it might have just been a input with a two prong male connecter to connect to this, not sure though.

General Overview of the innards.

Picture from the front.

The input jack appears to have never been directly connected to the motherboard, so I am doubting it was snapped off or anything, I believe it simply became deffective or something like that. Do amp input jacks generally connect through a power and ground cable like this? Should I just be able to hook a jack up to the power and ground cables on the female plug?

A standard jack should work. Clip the white disconnect from your wires that go from the motherboard to the jack then connect one to hot and one to ground. I can't tell you which is supposed to be hot and which is ground so you will have to figure that out for yourself but yeah... A normal jack will work.
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usually red is hot and black is ground.
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