Whats up. The names roni AkA general maxx. Iv been playing guitar for about 7 years not to mention bass, drums, sax, and keyboard.. Im the R in NERM Productions, we run a webshow. all the vids ar shot at TeH NERM House(E.T A.kA. Eriks) house. NERM is all about comidy, Random unexpected **** that will make you piss yourself. if your intrested in NERM Productions, jus look us up on youtube. type in NERM Productions, and there ya go. ill list the members so you can at least know there names
NERM Productions Moderators
N- Kerby(Aka Nick)
E- E.T(AkA Erik)
R- Zeus(AkA roni) thats me
M- Myles(AkA mason)

NERM Productions members
Kohata(AkA dakota)
Topper(AkA frankie)
Eskimo(AkA philip)
Teh Knome(AkA cody)
Jankens(AkA chris)
Doritios(AkA john)
TwiTch(AkA brandon)

Heres the links to our 3 most popular vids.

link to "Kohata trips ballz" ,


This is the episode were kohata has hert his leg in a football acsadent and has taken a lil to many pain killers. he starts to trip out while talking to myles. at the end he mistakes E.T for a goat.lol

Link to "NERM episode 1"

www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k27VfR0TUk - 65k

This episode has no point realy. its just a bunch of random sh*t.lol

Link to "Last halloween"

www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1pxi8KpchA - 56k

This episode me(Zeus) and ET leave to go get Kohata and we side tracked by "Soul Calibur 4". meanwhile, myles is at E.Ts house and gets attacked by cone.lol

we have many more vids and are allways working on new ones
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