Evening all,

I've got a jackson KE3 Kelly, and lacking the space in my bedroom to have it on a floor stand I'm considering getting a wall hanger.

The only concern I have is that the Jackson headstock is relatively thin, and most of the hangers I've seen hang the guitar by the headstock. I dont want to spend <£10 on a hanger only to find that it won't hold my guitar.

Can anyone recommend a specific make of hanger to buy that will deffinately hold my guitar?


I had my old Warrior on one, I've put my Charvel which has a Jackson style headstock on one as well.
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Friend of mine had two Jacksons, a Kelly and one of the super strat looking ones. He had those Hercules wall hangers, and they wouldn't let go for nothing. Though, my local music shop stocks a lot of Ibanez, Jacksons, and LTDs, and they just use cheap little $5 hangers that look like...coat hangers. So really, anything should hold it.
I hang my Dinky (reverse headstock) on one every night. No problems.
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try the hercules wall hangers since i use them around the shop that i work at.
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My Jackson now hangs on a Stagg wall hanger, I've used other brands too.. No problem with the headstock