Hey folks. I was wondering if any of you had any sound effects of crowds cheering, applauding, etc, or if you knew of any sites where I could find this kind of stuff. The longer the better, as 3 seconds of cheering isn't really much use for my purposes. I've done some searching on my own but I haven't come up with anything that I can use.

I've thought about trying to extract crowd cheering noises from live albums, but that would be a tricky process and I'm trying to take the easy way out.

Thanks for the help.
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p.s. i found this by searching "cheering noise" on google. yea...don't be lazy.

Thanks for the link, but I also found that site when I was searching. It's got some alright samples, but a lot of them are really crappy quality. The whole point of this thread was to supplement what I already found with stuff that can't easily be found after a quick Google search.