so one of my buddies i taught guitar to recently hit me up on myspace with this song he wrote and told me he wanted me to write music for it, i wanna know what you guys think of his lyrics. theyre pretty decent, especially since this is like his second song ever. when i first read it i kinda laughed cuz it reminded me of the metal by tenacious d. anyways here it is.

"It's In My Blood"

(starts off slow, with a blues-rock opener)
The World has gone to hell
It's meaningless today
All other paths are gone
but the music is the way
I walk the lighted path
I need no one's advice
A fool once asked of me
Will Rock 'n' Roll suffice?

(here is where it gets fast)

No longer chained and bound
I know where I must go
The past must fade away
If I'm to Rock 'n' Roll

But for me it's not so hard
Like a bullet passing through
The Rock 'n' Roll is flowing free
It's in my blood

The Tyrants want to war
My music beats them down
You can call me master
It's in my blood

(here I was thinking about a drum solo, that leads into a guitar solo)

Those fools, they've had their fun
Now rock is in demand
It strikes with passion and fury
And cuts their heavy hand

Now I'll lead you all
On the light and narrow path
The rock, it cannot die
It's in my blood

the way i look at it, its fairly well put together, but needs some work. some of the lyrics sound forced, and kinda kill the flow.
"All other paths are gone
but the music is the way
I walk the lighted path"

Repetition of path here isn't great.

Sorry, but I tend to hate songs about "Rock 'n' Roll" (which is why I don't listen to any ACDC, I mean seriously guys, you've been around for decades, and STILL have no new inspiration?), and this is no exception.
It's pretty good. I'd think of doing it in a Tenacious D kind of style too (cool, but still funny).