Better then AVA and +44!

I got the album and theres not one song I didn't like.

I Feel So has to be my #1 favorite song on the entire album!
Haha, yeah but that was essentially Blink 182. I liked the album, but there was one song with all three of the members in it.
However, this is a great album, and you're right it's the best band that I've heard that contains Blink members...Except maybe the Transplants.
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i disliked tiny voices when i first heard it... i mean.. i disliked the chorus.. the rest was ok...

great album, and yeah.. true way better than ava,+44..

did you know tom plays bcr songs at his gigs? D:
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bcr is the best of the bunch in my opinion
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yeh i liked that! i listened to it not so long ago again and it took me back a couple of years lol its a good cd to remenice with i reckon
Very nice cd indeed, kinda the begining of the end for blink 182 though, pretty much a prototype for the self titled blink album.
Really enjoyed this though.
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did you know tom plays bcr songs at his gigs? D:

He also plays Blink songs and they all sound like absolute shit.
I like BCR a lot, but got kinda tired of that album, I suppose I'll give it a listen again some time...
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o man the crowd went nuts when AVA played My First Punk Song when i saw them at stubbs and warped tour it was awesome
When I saw AVA in April, they played My First Punk Song and hardly anyone there knew what the hell they were doing haha. I do love Boxcar, though.
I agree.
They were awesome.
Best thing DeLonge has done.
Loved Cat Like Thief.
Solid album.
I've only seen AvA do There Is live though.
I remember when I first heard them. I was watching Nickelodeon and there was a promo for The Fairly Odd Parents and the song "I feel so" was in the background. I was like who sings that song?!? I thought it was Blink but I couldn't find the song on any of their albums. I had no idea they did Boxcar
yea to bad they called that little side project quits. They were great. "I feel so" is what I listen to when im mad at someone lol ^-^
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